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" Pacha Mama de la Selva"

Ofrenda Fest, in partnership with Cocodrilo Negro, is excited to announce the launch of the first major Shipibo art exhibition in New York City. The event, which opens on Friday, April 5th, 2024, offers an unparalleled platform to showcase the rich and vibrant Shipibo art. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the deep cultural heritage expressed through these stunning artworks. Don't miss this chance to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Ancestral Shipibo art.

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The visionary works of Shipibo-Konibo artist, Wilfredo Castro Piña, uniquely blend the subject with the medium. He uses time-honored skills to extract dyes from various plants, roots, barks, and vines, creating the paints he uses on his canvas. The elements he merges within each transcendental artwork form a unique harmony.

Shipibo Conibo Exhibition 

Ofrenda Fest in partnership with El Cocodrilo Negro, is excited to announce

Exhibition opens until June 22nd 2024​

(Every Saturday and Sunday 3-8pm)

(Closed for Memorial day weekend)


The first major Shipibo art exhibition in New York City. 

 Visitors will have a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the deep cultural

heritage expressed through these stunning artworks. 

wilfredo working_edited.jpg


The works of Shipibo-Konibo artist Wilfredo Castro Piña uniquely integrate the subject with the medium. He employs traditional techniques to derive dyes from various plants, roots, barks, and vines, which he then uses to paint his canvases. Each piece of his transcendent art forms a distinctive harmony by merging these elements.


Benito Romaina Arevalo, a self-taught artist hailing from San Francisco de Yarinacocha in Pucallpa, Peru, is part of the Shipibo-Conibo indigenous community. His years of exploration and learning are reflected in his Kené inspired artwork. With a style that is both precise and fluid, he captures sacred geometry and the essence of nature. Each piece is deeply symbolic, designed to resonate with personal meaning. Colors, patterns, and sacred vines unite harmoniously, inviting us on the visual journey that is Benito's work.

La Esfinge (The Sphinx) (30x40) 2023.jpg


Miguel Vilca Vargas produces enigmatic drawings inspired by the jungle, blending figures from European art history with anthropomorphic creatures and jungle spirits. This blend initiates a deep dialogue between ancient experiences and remote events nestled in our subconscious. His art vividly illustrates the clash between the Western world and the Amazon lifestyle, providing a detailed view of the cultural intersection in all its complexity.


Roldan Pinedo, also known by his Shipibo name Shoyan Sheca or "Restless Mouse," was born in 1971 to the Shipibo-Conibo indigenous community of San Francisco de Yarinacocha, Ucayali, Peru. Recognized within his tribal culture and the Peruvian art community, Roldan has created and exhibited numerous works both domestically and globally. His work reflects the environment and cultural heritage of his Shipibo people, using classic kene designs combined with Amazonian flora and fauna. His dynamic works embody the spirit energy and visionary insights associated with ceremonial plant medicine. Guided by ancestral spirits and gifted with exceptional talent, Roldan welcomes us into his visionary world.



Monica Romaina Brito, known by her Shipibo name as Sanken Mea, meaning 'beautiful design', is a member of the indigenous Shipibo Konibo community in the Paoyhan region of Ucayali. From childhood, her grandmother treated her with medicinal plants and taught her fabric design and embroidery. This has led Monica to become proficient in creating Shipibo designs with ease. These skills, deeply ingrained in her memory, allow her to exhibit creativity in fabric design. The images on her fabrics embody the energy of nature and depict visions of ayahuasca, expressed through various colors and shapes.

Special artists invited to the upcoming Art Expo:
Sarah Vaccariello and Alfredo Zagaceta.
Come and enjoy the masterpieces of our visionary artists.

Sarah uses her work to explore the likeness of important characters in her life as well as realms of spirit, the natural world and cosmos. Recently her focus has shifted towards celebrating plant medicines/teachers and allowing these visions and teachings to flow through onto her canvases. She aims to tell the stories of those around her as well as her own, and believes painting and drawing are powerful tools to move energy, to integrate new insights and to heal both the self and others. 

Alfredo Zagaceta is from Pucallpa, the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. Apprenticing under Pablo Amaringo, he lived and worked with him in exchange for his school’s tuition at the Amazon School of Painting. For 4 years Zagaceta learned English, helped with daily chores, and immersed himself in jungle wisdom. With an ability to perceive the metaphysical realms, he interprets scenes into the canvas Zagaceta has participated in collective exhibitions in various parts of Peru, US, Europe, and Japan.

"Pacha Mama de la Selva"

Shipibo - Conibo Art Exhibition

Opens until June 22nd 2024​

This Collective brings together six Shipibo Artists from the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. It's a chance to see the works of Euclides Ruiz Lopez, Miguel Vilca Vargas, Benito Romaina Arevalo, Roldan Pinedo,  Wilfredo Castro Piña and Textiles of Monica Romaina Brito at the gallery during the Ofrenda Fest.

Special artists invited to the upcoming Art Expo:

Sarah Vaccariello and Alfredo Zagaceta.

Come and enjoy the masterpieces of our visionary artists. .

Don't miss this unique experience.

5-11 47th Ave Long Island City 11101

Life is a Ceremony!


Euclides Ruiz Lopez is from Puerto Belen in the District of Ipania, Peru. As an indigenous Shipibo artisan, Euclides primarily uses canvas to express his visionary journeys, which are often themed around tribal customs enriched by ayahuasca and its sacred teachings.

From a young age, Euclides has been deeply involved in the study and practical use of medicinal plants. He has learned from and participated in many profound ceremonies led by his parents and grandparents. This lifelong exploration has endowed Euclides with the visionary talent to guide us on this inner journey to other realms. His works serve as vignettes of these timeless moments.

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