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Acrylic Paint

Our vision

We envision art as a tool to align and transcend a community with their creative potentials individually and collectively to cultivate conscious awareness about the self and the all.

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Paint Tubes

Ofrenda Art Community


we are committed to the mission of providing a creative environment that promotes healing thru art enriching their connection within ourselves and with the community. we are committed to create an experience that is natural, insightful, meditative and conscious.

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Creating space

Creating a community means everyone is aware and involved of the physical and social aspects of this space. we remind them to be respectful and ethical with others and the workspace. we always instruct the group to help clean up after their work and assist them in organizing the space during and after every art sessions.

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Ofrenda Fest Orinoco Art Open call 2024

We're celebrating the fauna and flora of the Orinoco Delta River. We invite all artists and Indigenous communities to participate in our next art exhibit, focusing on the animal kingdom and ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest. Our aim is to spark dialogue and raise awareness about endangered species.

Ofrenda Fest issues this open call to reconnect our relationship with all the ecosystems on the planet. By honoring the plant and animal kingdoms, we are reminded that we are all part of a living network connected to the planet.

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