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Fri, May 26



Mamos and Zagas - Ofrenda Fest's Closing Ceremony Fundraise

Join Ofrenda Fest Closing Ceremony to raise found for The Mamos and Zagas Healing Temple in Colombia.

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Mamos and Zagas - Ofrenda Fest's Closing Ceremony Fundraise
Mamos and Zagas - Ofrenda Fest's Closing Ceremony Fundraise

Time & Location

May 26, 2023, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Queens, 5-11 47th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA

About the event

Join Ofrenda Fest Closing Ceremony to raise found for The Mamos and Zagas Healing Temple in Colombia.

Friday, May 26th from 3-8pm.

Queens Council of the Arts : 5-11 47th Ave Long Island City, Queens 11101

This is a wonderful opportunity to witness and celebrate the cultural significance of water. The Mamos and Zaga will perform a Water Activation (Pagamento - Offering) for the East River at the Hunter's Point Parks Conservancy's Pier, followed by a talk about the preservation of the waters at the Ofrenda Fest arts space. With your donation you will be able to support the construction of the temple which will be called "UNGUMA USHUII NɄN."dedicated to the healing of chronic illness, a critical need in the community.

Here is more info about the Mamos and Zagas.

The Mamos and Zagas are coming from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia, South America. This Sacred Mountain is located in Colombia, South America and comprises 3 states of that country: Magdalena, Cesar and Guajira. There are four ethnicities in the Teyuna (or Tayrona as many people call them): the Kogis, the Wiwas, the Arhuaco and the Kankuamo and they work as a unit. They share the same Cosmology, Sacred Wisdom and Knowledge but each of them speaks their own dialect.

The word Mamo means Enlightenment of both, Good and Evil. Mamos hold the Spiritual knowledge of their people and are trained since an early age to do Healings, Pagamentos or Ceremonies as well as Divination. The word Mamo also means the Sun and as the sun of our solar system has the ability to illuminate all beings.

They are also known for communicating directly with Mother Nature and have been providing care and treatment to various living beings, elements, and plants in ecosystems worldwide through a practice called “pagamento”. This practice involves giving back to Mother Earth as a form of gratitude for her constant and abundant gifts. Through “pagamento”, they have been able to mitigate drought, prevent diseases in flora and fauna, calm storms, and prevent disasters worldwide since ancient times. Their dedication and commitment to preserving the environment are truly remarkable and serve as an inspiration to us all.


Mamo Rodrigo Wiwa from the Guajira State. Mamo Sewigu Kakamukwa (Mamo Rodrigo) comes from a lineage of Mamos that goes beyond his great-great-grandfather, his family comes from the Kakamukwa lineage and there has been Mamos in his family in every single generation.

Zaga Josefina- Wiwa Zaga from the Guajira state. As it is the case for most Zagas, Zaga Josefina was chosen by divination when her mother was pregnant and began her training from birth. Zaga Josefina plays an important role in her community, she is responsible to guide and educate the girls during their various rites of passage, such as a girl’s first menstruation, giving birth, etc. She is a teacher and a counselor for her community.

Mamo Artilio - Aruhuaco from the state of Cesar.Mamo Atilio is an Arhuaco Mamo and comes from a family of Mamos and Zagas. He is a teacher with a deep knowledge of Sacred Materials. Sacred Materials are the natural materials they used to offer Pagamentos for Nature and the Earth. This requires an extensive knowledge of plants, animals and minerals, as well as experience in order to choose the specific material that matches the type of Pagamento or Ceremony they are performing.

Mamo Cencio - Kogi Mamo from the State of Guajira. Is a Kogi Mamo who is a botanist with an extensive knowledge of the native species of the Sierra. He is also a teacher of Medicinal plants for the Kogis. As a doctor of Ancestral Medicine he is constantly traveling to distant villages in Kogi territory to take care of his people. He offers his services as a doctor, priest, counselor and Spiritual leader for a large group of people who are living in a wide area of the Kogi territory in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. He is also a musician who plays different Tayrona musical instruments and teaches his people the Ancestral songs of the Kogi Nation.

Ofrenda Fest is committed to providing a platform for indigenous communities from all over the world to showcase their ancestral traditions and rituals in ceremonies that remind us of our connection to the planet. These ceremonies are an opportunity for individuals to connect with nature and learn about the rich cultural heritage of these communities. In addition, Ofrenda Fest provides a space for artists to showcase their work and promote cultural exchange. The Center for Earth Ethics knows the impact and scope of cultural events and community. By participating in this festival, individuals can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diversity of cultures and traditions that exist around the world.

Our partners, the Tribal Link Foundation, Hunter Point Parks and Recreation Conservancy, the Queens Council of the Arts, and the Culture Lab, Hunters Point Library, are organizations highly interested in art and community. This successful festival will host over 200 participants, and we expect to have more than 2,000 attendees throughout the month of the festival's celebrations.


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