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Fire in Ashes 2022
Artists Line up


Jona Nati


Jona incorporates a lot of elements from nature, he is mostly inspired by street art and his Influences are esotericism, magic nature, visionary art, numerology and spiritualism molding him to create his own style and broadening his horizons on the creative field.


Jesus Medina

Jesus Medina is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Hamilton Heights. He spent a quarter of a century exploring his neighborhood, living a humble life with an insatiable appetite for adventure. his Artwork to be showcased numerous times, getting elected for the Susan Turnbull grant for his creative prowess in 2021.



Jesus G. Rodriguez.

With this knowledge of wood at hand, I recently took on the task of rescuing pieces of wood that were usually discarded, and I began to transform them into small cubes of different sizes and heights and organize them randomly and give them textures and colors that express ideas or elements of everyday life.


Zahira Moo

Multidisciplinary Artist, Fashion Designer, Systems Engineer, Holistic Coach and Founder of the Creative Space Libélula Designer Emotion Lab. Zahira Aguilar Moó Venezuelan, based in Miami with more than 30 years of Design Experience in Fashion, 20 in Engineering, 15 years of experience in Fashion entrepreneurship.




My piece represents the fire of connection when two souls meet. The energy in this hug is the touch that heals and connects. I believe that we all have this fire within us and, when we experience it, the warmth of the energy spreads like fire to the world around us.

Actitud (3).jpg

Antonio Peña

Tony Flint originally from ​​Venezuela. Currently residing in Miami, Florida, USA. Profession: graphic designer, marketing technician and also graduated from the Armando Reverón School of Plastic Arts, Barcelona, ​​Venezuela. He has worked in the media as a photographer and designer; such as "The Stylist's Guide", "Macroeconomy Magazine", "Aerial Gazette", among others. Digital photography enthusiast. Philosophy enthusiast, lover and protector of nature.



Juan Esteban Usubillaga Also know as Onecho is a mestizo artist with indigenous and European ancestors. He was born In Colombia and raised in Venezuela. Onecho’s childhood is influenced by the street art and graffitis in Caracas.


Farez Hernandez

I connect with fire daily from hot meal that made to sacred fire in the ceremonies..... Fire innate our spirit, fire is the inspiration to get up in the morning and receive the fresh air.... fire is a great ancestor, teacher, friend, magician....



Brian Grogan  - FDNY Dispatcher

 I have been photographing fire and emergency scenes for almost 20 years. I am currently a FDNY Fire Dispatcher in Brooklyn. I have also served as a volunteer firefighter for the Valley Stream and Lynbrook Fire Departments for over 15 years. I am the official photographer for the FDNY Bravest Football Team.  


“I realized a few years ago that my passion is not necessarily "painting".... Rather, it's simply a passion for creating. Specifically something new, beautiful and profound. (I'm an entrepreneur at heart.) But it happens that I satisfy that passion through my artwork. It's for that reason that I can't lock myself down to one style. Rather, I want and need to experiment with everything as long as it allows me to. . . . create. 


Robert Waite @lordoftheringworm

(FDNY - Firefighter)

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