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Ofrenda Fest


 Fire in Ashes art festival

Join us for a new art and healing experience for the community called.  “FIRE IN ASHES, healing and evolution”,   is an inclusive event that seeks to encourage healing through Art and Ancestral Rituals in ceremony. This Art exhibit unites artists, spiritual guides, photographers, therapists and the FDNY community in  celebration to find healing, through  creative expressions, offerings and ceremonies.

The FIRE artist call 

The open call gathers artists that want to participate in a group exhibition to honor the element of Fire for Fighters. In many ancient traditions fire is used as a way of communication with the divine. The raw power is a great force of destruction, creation and purification.


The connection with the FDNY

Firefighters have an interesting interaction with fire, most of their carriers have to deal with this powerful element in many life and death situations. Most of the time these experiences can be very detrimental for their mental health and spirit.


As a community we underestimate the stress and traumas that firefighters experienced on the line of duty. “Firefighting came in second place as the most stressful job, trailing just behind enlisted military personnel. One of the greatest stress factors for firefighters is bearing the heavy responsibility for being entrusted with the safety and well-being of others.” from Article in the We also believe that  many other mental and physical diseases can be triggered for this same reason.

The Intention

Is to decorate a space  where art and ceremonies get together to cope with devastating traumas, depression and disease using “Art as an expression for healing and evolution".

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Working with Fire

Fire is a powerful element associated with energy, assertiveness, destruction, emotions, rebirth, transmutation, evolution, expansion, awakening, enlightenment, courage, renewal and transformation.

“The sacred fire cures. The sacred fire heals when you have faith always. The water heals. The air heals and everything is on mother earth.”
Nana Marina Cruz is a healer from the Tz ́utujil Tribe




Open Call  Now 

Duration 1 month (November 2022)

All artist fee registration $25

Pay by Venmo to : Ofrendafest

Registration is closed



Friends of Firefighter

199 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Fire Performance
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