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Orinoco Art Call

We're celebrating the fauna and flora of the Orinoco Delta River at the Amazon rainforest of Venezuela. We invite all artists and Indigenous communities to participate in our next art exhibit, focusing on the animal kingdom and ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest. Our aim is to spark dialogue and raise awareness about endangered species.


Ofrenda Fest issues this open call to reconnect our relationship with the abundant biodiversity that thrives on our shared planet. This call is an invitation to all individuals to pay homage to the diverse manifestations of life that constitute the plant and animal kingdoms. By consciously honoring and appreciating these kingdoms, we are gently reminded of our integral role within the grand scheme of life. It serves as a reassurance that we, as humans, are not isolated entities but rather an integral part of a complex, thriving, and interconnected living network that is deeply rooted to the planet. Our existence, survival, and prosperity are intrinsically linked to the health and well-being of the natural world around us.


We welcome a diverse range of artistic mediums for this exhibit. Whether you choose to express your connection through paintings, bring its essence to life with sculptures, capture its beauty in photographs, or narrate its story through films, all mediums are welcome. We encourage creativity and diversity in format to truly encapsulate the rich biodiversity and the unique spirit of the Amazon rainforest.

We want to know your message and vision for how you connect with this call and the Animal or Plant kindown of your choice and how your proposal “give back” to our planet? 

(Deadline August 30th)

Exhibition Opens September 2024)

Exhibition space - Queens Council of the Arts in Long Island City, Queens / OFRENDA FEST

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